Monday, September 24, 2012

Derek Ramsey and Angelica Panganiban on speaking terms again!

Well, this is good news!

It's been seven months after Derek Ramsey and Angelica Panganiban broke up, but issues are keep popping out. First, Derek confirmed that he was not getting back the Mini Cooper he gave to Angelica. When in fact they already get rid of it, one year before they separate.

Then there's Angelica-John Lloyd issue. Again, Derek said he does not have an ill feeling about John Lloyd. All he ever wanted was Angelica to be happy.

Derek also confirmed that he and Angelica is on speaking terms again. He said they are exchanging emails and communicating but they are just busy with their schedules.

In all this Derek just want to get over with all the bad issues and move on, they are actually moving on but he hope people would stop making issues.


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