Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebrities who refuses to join Twitter!

Who's not up for tweeting?

Kim Chiu is not ridding the Twitter bandwagon, it's her personal choice. “Medyo sensitive kasi akong tao. Parang naiiba ‘yong mood ko if I read something bad about me. Siyempre you can’t please everybody, di ba? So, for me, I’d like to keep myself private na lang. Publicly as entertainer or as an actress, but for my personal life, ayoko,” 

It's no secret that some celebrities are victims of twitter controversies which involves bashing and twitter wars. There are Angelica Panganiban, Sharon Cuneta, KC Concepcion and many others. This is one main reason why Kim and the others who refuses to join twitter. They want have a private life.

Then there's Gerald Anderson's opinion, “It’s enough na I’m on TV doing interviews. Kumbaga, ‘yong tao, kilala na naman nila ako as a person. So hindi ko na kailangan i-tweet ko pa rin ang sarili ko or to say where I’m at or what I’m doing or what I like. I have friends for that.”

Another celebrity who like privacy in his personal life is Piolo Pascual. “As it is, I’m public property, and it’s a personal choice not to share about everything that happens to you. It’s not as if you want everyone to know everything that happens in your life. And I guess it makes life simpler.”

Joining the twitter world is on one's own choice. I for one is not a fan of updating my twitter with what I'm doing and where I''m going etc. I use twitter in a different way and I'm comfortable with that.

There is also nothing wrong with people or celebrity who updates us with almost every happening in their lives. I appreciate that and I enjoy reading their tweets too.

There is no right or wrong opinion here. We are after all is free to do what we want...


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