Sunday, September 23, 2012

Carlos Agassi finally found 'the one'!

"This is Margo Midwinter. She's my date... for life, hopefully." -- Carlos Agassi

Former actor Carlos Agassi is happy now with his relationship with Margo Midwinter, a Filipina-British law student.

In an interview with Carlos he said, "I guess, yes, kasi I met finally the right one. We’re 10 years apart so we don’t look it, but when she feels like settling down I’m cool with that,"

"We just clicked. We just got along and parang everything fell in place," They started dating in December and since then they clicked.

"By accident, people thought she was my girlfriend on the first date and then in parties we were together and then we found out we had common friends because I didn’t know her friends were my friends and we both loved the same things so we just clicked,"  

By the time Carlos and Margo are together, Margo didn't know that Carlos is a celebrity here in the Philippines.

"Mga four months na kami, she still didn’t know na I was an artista, because I didn’t say anything. She just thought I had lots of friends when people take photos when we’re in public, like when we watch movies or go grocery shopping, she just thinks I’m friends with everybody. That’s what she thought," 

Carlos and Margo already met each others parents, maybe this is a sign that their relationship is for keeps.

"I invited her out to watch a movie and by accident I had a basketball game and a family reunion dinner that same day. And then I met her mom, just like that,"

And the cutest thing, when Carlos introduces Margo to the press he's saying, "This is Margo Midwinter. She's my date... for life, hopefully." ---awwww!

With the compatibility that they have Carlos is just so grateful with their possible future together.


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