Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zsa-zsa Padilla's Surgery is a Success!

The tumor in the kidney of Zsa-zsa was successfully removed after more than five hours of surgery.

According to Zsa-zsa's daughters Zia and Nicole Quizon, “Surgery was a success! As far as the doctors could tell it has not spread anywhere else. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support,”

The doctors confirmed this after the surgery they told Zsa-zsa's family that the cancer has not spread to Zsa-zsa’s other organs.

Nicole also said, “It’s good news naman all around. They said the surgery was successful. It took them five and a half hours. As of mga 3:30 a.m. nasa recovery na yung mom ko,”

Meanwhile here in the Philippines, Zsa-zsa's family and friends celebrated a Mass for her speedy recovery.


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