Monday, August 20, 2012

What your food cravings really mean?

Do you sometimes crave for food? Well, it might actually mean something else. Find out here!

The most common food that people normally crave for is chocolate. Other go for soda, others for something sour like green mango and alike. Here in the Philippines, people thought that a woman who crave for food is usually pregnant or likely will have her monthly period.

Some pregnant woman crave for unusual food. Like a food with impossible color or craving for food out of season. Honestly, I don't believe in that kind of craving. Like, craving for a pink mango? -- well, it sounds ridiculous and it is ridiculous!

Anyway, the following are simple and common craving and what you actually need and substitute food for your cravings.

What you crave: Chocolate
What you need: Magnesium
Healthy food swaps: Dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, medjool dates

What you crave: Pasta and bread
What you need: Serotonin
Healthy food swaps: Sweet potatoes, lentils, beans

What you crave: Sugar
What you need: Chromium
Healthy swap: Grape juice, whole grains, apples

What you crave: Burgers
What you need: Iron
Healthy swap: Lean meat, fish, pulses, nuts

What you crave: Salty snacks
What you need: To relax
Healthy swap: Popcorn, baked potato, edamame beans

How about you Cute-rs, what food do you crave for today?


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