Sunday, August 26, 2012

TV Pick: Teen Wolf S02E10-12

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episodes 10 to 12 is intense!

Another T.V. series down for this season. It's Teen Wolf Season 2.

The more we get deeper into the story of Teen Wolf, the more it gets interesting. A new pack of villain is in town, now it gets more exciting for Scot's and Derek's team.

Teen Wolf Season 3 is slated for 2013 released! So stay tuned for more TV Pick Cute-rs!

Tonight I want to talk about someone who's close to me. Well, I thought she is.When I was growing up, I know we were close. The thing is, I thought I knew all about her until...until one day that we were together. I was so disappointed with how she treated me. Then I thought she changed, but as days and years goes by I realized. She haven't changed at all. When in fact, she just presented the true color of herself.

I'm disappointed at myself too and wondered why I haven't noticed it all along. Then I knew the answer, I was blinded by hope. By hoping that she is least to me.

The sad thing is that our relationship is often one way. I thought I had a sister or a friend in her...then I must accept that I don't.

Yes, I am affected by this kind of changes in my life. Since I'm a kind of person who cherish the people around me, especially those that I love.

I just hope she finds true happiness...and I know it's time for me to lie low a little. Other people needs my friendship, especially those who are most worth it.

Btw, I'm now excited to watch Grimm Season 2...


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