Friday, August 24, 2012

TV Pick: Falling Skies S02E06-010 and Teen Wolf S02E07-09

Falling Skies - Teen Wolf - Falling Skies - Teen Wolf!

Last night I finished Falling Skies Season 2. I am not disappointed but rather thrilled. And I also find it cute that some aliens or the skitters are actually helping humans to save planet Earth. And the end, it's great. I'm looking forward to meeting the new alien in town ...err...on Earth.

I'm now officially excited for the third season. 

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episodes 07-09 is equally exciting too. The search for the slithering monster is on, It seems that Jackson's past has something to do with his present snakey alter ego. And at the last of Episode 9 they also revealed that Matt is the culprit behind Jackson's transformation.

Until my next TV Pick Cute-rs, enjoy your day!


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