Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stephen Wiltshire: An Autistic Genius!

He drew London's skyline into an amazing picture!

Stephen Wiltshire is born as a British architectural artist who has been diagnosed with autism. The photo below is his drawing of London's skyline and below it is the real one.

With this talent he was called as the "human camera" since he can capture every detail in his drawing. Many are amazed with his talent. Stephen's creativity is process simply like a camera.

Dr Oliver Sacks, a neurologist and psychologist said, "His pictures in no sense resemble copies or photographs, something mechanical and impersonal - there are always additions, subtractions, revisions, and, of course, Stephen's unmistakable style.". Dr. Sacks also monitored Stephen's growing years.

One of Stephen's friend commented, "Stephen isn't some form of performing chimp that pulls off a party trick by drawing buildings in detail purely from memory," a close friend explains.

"He is an artist with his own distinctive and creative vision of the world, just as Canaletto was when he recreated Venice in such perfect detail."

The photo above is a close-up of the canvas, which details the Canary Wharf and surrounding buildings. Again, the drawing has been made exactly to scale by Stephen Wiltshire.

Like any other form of autism, there are times that Stephen would just sit in a corner, rocks back and forth, and screams from time to time. And to only thing that can pacify him is his pen and paper. When he was still young, this moment gave him the nickname 'the drawer'.

And mind you, His drawings now sell for thousands.



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