Thursday, August 09, 2012

Restaurants and Bars to give donations for flood victims!

A number of restaurants, bars and beverage shops have joined in to help those in need from flood tragedy.

These said restaurants, bars and beverages shops are using their resources to help flood victims caused by torrential rains all over Metro Manila and nearby areas to at least ease their burden a bit. They have all come together along with Binalot, a Filipino-restaurant.

Binalot is now accepting pledges for it's rice meals served in banana leaves wrapping to help feed people who are affected by floods. Packages costs around P250 to P5000 which can already feed five to ten people.

Cha Dao Tea Place, a restaurant who specializes in milk tea drinks has helped by donating sealed cups the can be used to store food. They are also giving free drinks for customers who will give donations for flood victims.

-lovely, all are almost coming together to help!


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