Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Princess and I" to end in October!

...according to Enrique Gil.

In an interview with Enrique Gil he said, "Princess and I" will end in October. "Sa pagkakaalam ko po wala pong (book 2) at matatapos na po ang 'Princess and I.' But who knows? Malay mo kapag gusto talaga ng tao they can make a part two ng 'Princess and I' but sa ngayon alam ko matatapos na,"

"Ang sinabi sa akin ay by October (tapos na). Actually extended na po kami. In a way ay okay na po 'yon,"

So now the big question is nearing, who will Mikay choose among her 3 suitor, will it be her long time best friend, Kiko, will it be the Gino - who's open to his feelings with Mikay or will it be the reserve Prince Jao?

~I'm betting for Prince Jao! Teehee...

How about you Cute-rs, who do you want for Mikay?


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