Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Best Friend: My Angel

Exactly one year today I lost my Best Friend. Then it's never been the same...

My message to my bestfriend, Aug. 31, 2011
It was year 1991 when we first met. We were in the same class in our Sophomore year. All we did was laugh and had fun through our high school days. We were best friends.

We made this up:
Sheryll Agustin + Rachel Odonio = SHEL AGUNIO
(...I know it's not much of a name, but hey it's OUR name! And I love it...)

After college we separate ways and years gone by.

Then one day, it was faith that put us back together (credit to her sister). We patched things up, shared our stories, laughed again and had fun again. But it was cut-short.

She was fighting against Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I was amazed of how strong she was. She remained positive and hopeful. She went through with her life, lived her life and spent it with family, friends and loved ones. She wanted to live.

She had a successful career and blessed with a kind husband and a loving son. Her life was perfect. Her illness does not stop her from living a perfect life. She was happy.

One day, it's her time to go. God called her...

It was a very painful experience for me. But I'd rather go on with the pain than saw her suffer from her illness. I told her "rest now my best friend, be with God". I couldn't mutter the words but only her name I can say a number of times. As if I am calling her, wishing that she could still hear me in her comatose bed.

I was there in her bedside, with only 1 thing in my mind. I wanted to see her...and be with her, even in her last minute on Earth. She knew I was there...

...I was watching her heart beat at that moment...147, 100, 70, 50, 31, flat line...

At 3:43 pm she's gone. She went with dignity on the 18th of August, 2011.

It was very painful.

I am thankful to God that she didn't suffer long, God is good, He embraced her and protected her against pain.

...I love you best friend, I am missing you every day and hope that one day we'll see each other again.

Going back to this day is tough. For the past days, all memories are coming back slowly. It's been one of the lowest part of my life. I was given back my bestfriend after so many years then taking her back again in an abrupt moment.

Nevertheless, I'm so thankful that God had given me time to be with her especially in those time of her life. I stood by her, I let her felt my presence and I do hope she appreciates it.

Rachel lived a beautiful and a successful life. I am so proud of her! Until now I still wish that she's still alive. Maybe, maybe life would be different.

She told me in one of her email, "I hope I'll be available to keep your friendship for a lifetime." -- so do I, so do I!

Rachel & Sheryll March 2011
Since last year, my best friend became an angel. I know God had welcomed her. No more pain, no more suffering and no more sickness. She is at a good place, finally she is home!

My Best Friend is now My Angel! -- Thank you...

Best Friends are irreplaceable, I'm glad I had you...


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