Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet the new Pink Angry Bird!

It's Angry Birds' Back to School Update...

Contrary to the Angry Birds, this Cute Pink Bird is not angry all the time...she is a happy-go-lucky, with blowing bubble character!

From the Game-oriented site, it noted in the video that Pink Bird's ability is to blow bubbles, but it remains unclear if this will be her ability in the game. described Cute Pink Bird as having "candy floss pink feathers."

"Whether this new power will makes its way into Angry Birds Seasons or whether it was added for the sake of the video remains unknown, but fans can expect the pink bird to pop up in the near future as part of a teased 'back to school' installment," 
"Pink Bird is something of a pollyanna, with long lashes, blue eyes and a bubble blower. Sure, (the character) is capable of getting angry — but it’s a cute kind of angry,"

Lovely~ a Cute Pink Bird coming out soon...


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