Friday, August 03, 2012

Kristen Stewart landed on a new role!

...thanks to the scandal a new movie for Kristen!

Kristen Stewart beats Jennifer Lawrence, of The Hunger, since Jennifer was the first choice to be included in  "Lie Down in the Darkness". But now, it will be Kristen who will play in it.

 "Lie Down in the Darkness" is an indie film about the story of a dysfunctional Virginian Loftis family.

Well, despite of all the scandal, issues and rumors going on about Kristen's little game of fire with director, Rupert Sander, she still attracts attention for her self. Like this new job...

With regard to Kristen and Robert's relationship, I just heard that Kristen would like to settle things between her and Robert. Robert on the other hand is not in hiding, but not facing the media either.

Rupert Sander and wife, Liberty Ross are patching things up. I wonder if Robert and Rupert's one-on-one will push through...


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