Sunday, August 05, 2012

Kristen Stewart is broken hearted!

She is also pretty much inconsolable!

According to a new report, Kristen Stewart is now hiding in her producer/pal's house, Agnelli, whose house is located in Sunset Plaza area. He was the same person who defended Kristen in twitter last week.

According to Agnelli, "Kristen is acting like a heartbroken teenager. She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone. She is beyond mortified and humiliated and she is also broken hearted. She says she truly loved Rob. She says he was her soul mate, but she blew it and now she is scared that she has lost him forever. She is pretty much inconsolable."

During this time Kristen hasn't showered or changed or washed her hair in several days. -- well, she smells now for sure!

All wrong doing/actions must face punishments.This is hers. Should I say, it serves her? -- oh yeah!



Bimse.jr said...

According to Gossip Cop, this is not true, and shes is staying with her parents.

Don't believe everything you read on the net! ;o)

ShawCute said...

Yup, I read that too...but still I believe that Kristen is broken hearted and that Agnelli is her friend and defending her. I know there are false rumor about Kristen that media people are either bringing Kristen up or down.

To really finding out the truth -- no one can really know. I bet even Kristen won't tell the whole truth.

To which ever way she is going, I know she is not happy about the result of her firey game.

This is one of those juicy reports that people would like to know. Probably it's another way of Kristen's strategy or whatever for winning Rob back!

But thanks for giving me a heads up, I really appreciate it. :)