Thursday, August 09, 2012

Know how "Be Careful With My Heart" became a success!

Read the interview of Direk Jeffrey Jeturian about "Be Careful With My Heart" success.

Q: Anong masasabi mo sa natatanging ratings success ng “Be Careful With My Heart?” Inasahan n’yo ba ‘yung mangyari?
JJ: The consistent high ratings of the show is really overwhelming. We did not expect that there is a morning audience that big that would propel “Be Careful With My Heart” everyday to the 5th spot of the top overall TV programs nationwide.

Q: Marami ang nakakapansin at pumupuri na kakaibang visual quality ng show, ano ang sikreto nito?

JJ: “Be Careful With My Heart” is the first soap of ABS-CBN that is shot on HD or high-definition camera. That explains the glossy look of the show when people watch it onscreen, plus we shoot the series film-style so it has the feel, look, and ‘magic’ of a movie.

Q: Ano sa palagay nyo kakaibang dulot ng programa sa mga manonood kaya mainit ang pagsuporta nila rito?

JJ: The success of the show can be attributed to a lot of things. First, the soap is effective as a romance comedy. There’s chemistry between Jodi as Maya and Richard as Richard. Jodi is effective as the naive and pure-hearted nanny to the deaf kid of the stern and stone-hearted widower played by Richard. The followers of the soap is looking forward to the day when Maya will be able to melt Richard’s heart .

Second, the story’s simplicity and feel-good tone was able to capture the audience’s fancy. The show doesn’t only leave one feeling romantic everytime, but also with a smile in the heart each time.

I've been a fan of this top rated series since I started watching it. It captured my heart and I am so thrilled everytime I watch it. The character of Maya is so ideal, light and kind and I am looking forward to the day that Sir Chief will fall in love with her...

Catch "Be Carefull with my Heart" Mondays to Friday, 10:45 am before "It's Showtime".


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