Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Guni-Guni" Poster copied Thai Movie Poster? (Updated with Trailer)

"Guni-Guni" vs. "Alone"

"Guni-Guni" is a Philippine movie which starred Lovi Poe, Benjamin Alves, Empress Schuck and a lot more

But this entry is not about the movie, netizens have noticed that "Guni-Guni's" Poster is somewhat similar to a 2007 Thai Movie with title "Alone".  Maybe they are running out of ideas on what to put on their poster? Or they are probably inspired by this poster. Oh well, they still copied and it's obvious, they lack originality.

However, the similarity ends there.

"Alone" is about a twin who fell in love with the same man. One dies and eventually it started to hunt the one living.

While "Guni-Guni" is about an unborn child who is buried on the garden of a boarding house. Souls are hunting for revenge and seek justice.

There, so two movies, two different story, same poster. Ironic huh?!

Anyway, I hope "Guni-Guni" release a new poster but this time they make sure it's original. By the way, "Guni-Guni" is slated to open August 22, 2012.

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Quenatics said...

The movie which stars Ms.Angel Aquino and Enrique Gil is entitled "Amorosa" showing on Aug29. They're not included in Guni-guni po. I think you mixed it up. Thanks :)

ShawCute said...

Wow, thanks! Entry now edited and updated.

Thank you, thank you!

justinecantado said...

Lol'd at this, Why you need to make this argue big? JUST DEAL WITH IT!-

-Justine Cantado