Monday, August 13, 2012

Greenwich Pizza wants to help flood victims, REALLY?

But Greenwich Pizza has set a condition...

...know the details here!

Greenwich Pizza tweets:
  • The original rule of the Greenwich Pizza campaign said they will only donate 1,000 meals after getting 25,000 new followers until August 15. Twitter users were also asked to use the hashtag #ICanGive.
-from that campaign above many people reacted. Many said that Greenwich’s “I Can Give” campaign is “conditional,” “selfish” and “insensitive.”

While people are reacting to their 'selfish' campaign, Greenwich Pizza manager Cristina Cabrera said, “Our objective was for us to use the power of social media for a humanitarian effort such as this,”. She said, their campaign was misinterpreted.

Greenwich also tweeted, Just to be clear,there are no conditions except to spread the love. Aim is to have as many people to be a part of it.Thanks for the support!

-from what I read from their original campaign ad, people's reaction is right. They are not misinterpreted. If they want to help the flood victims, there should be no 'if's', just go ahead and help.

This is not the time to get more followers. They don't need it actually, Filipinos already know Greenwich Pizza exists!


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