Wednesday, August 08, 2012

German weightlifter drops barbell on his head!

...and walks away!

 This Matthias Steiner, a German, defending weightlifting gold medallist. It was a terrifying incident which occured last Tuesday when he accidentally dropped a 432 pounds barbell on his neck. This is during the Olympic.

Matthias tried to snack 196 kg when his knees and arms buckled! This caused the massive weight fall on top of his head. He then collapsed under the heavy barbell and flopped while his neck and head bent. Matthias was went to the hospital for the precautionary Xrays. He didn't return to the competition.

Matthias said that he felt there was something wrong at the start of his lift but he continued to snatch anyway.

This does not mean that the weightlifter went down, actually Matthias popped to his feet and walked off while the crowd cheered for him.


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