Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey now a Clothing Line!

Fill your closet with this new Fifty Shades apparel will soon be available near you...

It's official, author E.L. James has finally closed a licensing deal to sell official Fifty Shades of Grey apparel. It will be available in underwear, shirts, stockings, pajamas, robes, garters and more.

I'm sure clothing line inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey will be sexy, sensual and alluring. So are you excited now Cute-rs?

Btw, I finished reading the book last night. I admit I got hooked ever since I started reading it last week.

The Book is basically about Ms. Anastasia Steele, 24-year old, a graduating college student. Very new, innocent and pure. And her opposite, Mr. Christian Grey, he's on his prime, 29year of age, sooo good looking (which I think is an understatement), Ana said he is a godess of beauty. Mr. Grey is the CEO/Owner of the Grey Enterprise, a millionaire with an odd hobby.

Here's my tweet last night: Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. - thug of war of emotions.Too high or too low.Complicated, dark, sensual, thrilling, anger, pain, love!

Let me break it down for you Cute-rs, the book is a thug of war of Emotions. Why? The book pushes me to the top of my emotions and in one point it can pull me crushing to the ground. I experienced both sooo in-love and hatred. This book is not your ordinary love story, it's not all about flowers and chocolates. It involves whipping, spanking, slapping and alike...

Mr. Grey has a dark past, it was not yet fully revealed yet. Only a few details. Ms. Steele is so innocent and expecting...she does not have an idea what she got her self into. The book is sensual, I lost count on how many times Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele make-loved.

It's also thrilling as per chapter present a new surprise. I'm angry at Mr. Grey because of what he is doing with Ms. Steele. I like Mr. Grey because he knows how to care for a girl, yet he does not know know it. I also sympathize with Ms. Steele's pain physically and emotionally.

In totality, I also feel the love, the longing, and the wanting more...

Hmmm...will definitely continue with the next book, Fifty Shades of Darker...


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