Sunday, August 05, 2012

Damon, Elena and Stefan's Love Triangle Will Continue in The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

Love complications is not yet over for main characters of "The Vampire Diaries"

Executive producer Julie Plec talks about the new season of "The Vampire Diaries", "All these things that she's experienced with Damon and with Stefan will have different context for her as she's becoming this new person." -- this is about Elena turning into a vampire, which was the end scenario from "The Vampire Diaries - Season 3"

She adds when asked about Elena and Damon, "It's certainly not the end of Delena, as anyone might be afraid. In fact, in a way, it's the beginning of the beginning."

Elena's decision at the end of Season 3 was about choosing Stefan over Damon, but Julie said Elena becoming a vampire will definitely rock her brain.

Aside from the love triangle we are all excited to see, there are also other issues we'll be seeing more. Like the love story of Tyler -- who's not Tyler anymore, and Caroline.

Julie hinted, "Any time a hot, new girl comes to town, somebody's got to be worried about something. But Tyler and Caroline have a really solid bond, a really solid relationship. So it takes somebody really special to get in the way of that."  

"The Vampire Diaries" Season 4 will premiere on October 11, 2012, Thrusday at 8 P.M. on The CW. 

Wow! I can't wait for Season 4 to begin!


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