Sunday, August 05, 2012

Brave the Movie

My family and I braved the rain to watch "Brave".

We went to Alabang Town Center yesterday afternoon hoping to catch the 3:00 PM screening of "Brave" and to our dismay all tickets are sold out. And additional to our dismay, the next screening scheduled at 5:30 PM was also sold out.

Geez, it's the first weekend of "Brave" in the Philippines and people are swarming at the cinema to watch this. Too bad, most theaters gave Brave only 1 cinema. At Alabang Town Center, they only have "Brave" in Cinema 2 (2D). And since cinemas in ATC (Alabang Town Center) has limited / guaranteed seats, it's a first come first serve basis only.

The next screening schedule was at 8:00 PM. They only have very few seats left and we are not comfortable with it. So what we did was wait for the 10:30 PM screening.

And yes, we waited like more than 7 hours to watch "Brave".

Finally, Brave!

My verdict, a little disappointing. Not as I expected, entertaining but not astonishing. I thought it would be packed with action and adventure. Nevertheless, I still like it. Cartoons like this brings me comfort and a sense of security. It's like I'm a kid again!

Anyway, the waiting is too long to bear. We've been talking about "Brave" since May this year and it's sad that it didn't meet our expectations so again, we are looking forward for our next movie adventure...

But I don't discourage you Cute-rs from watching it, I suggest that you still do. For a movie like this gives us entertainment and quality time with loved ones and friends...

And again, family day is all worth it, despite the rain and the not-so freakin' good movie. Even if we don't get 100% happiness in "Brave" we still had 'other' things that made us super happy yesterday...for instance the...

Well, that will be my next entry, until then Cute-rs!


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