Monday, July 23, 2012

"The Dark Knight Rises" with Family and Friends...

Rain or Storm or Shine nothing can stop "The Dark Knight Rises!"

It was a rainy week and I thought we'll end the week just staying home because of the bad weather. The truth is, there was no plan of watching "The Dark Knight Rises". Saturday is a quiet day for us but when Sunday came my hubby ask us (my daughter and I) if we want to watch "The Dark Knight Rises". At first I felt hesitant since it was raining on and off outside. But after a few seconds...I said Yes! (--so I am not so hard to please teehee!)

I texted a friend of ours and asked her if she and her family wanted to come with us watch "The Dark Knight Rises". And she immediately said yes. So that settles, we met in SM Southmall Cinema 3 at 2:30 PM.

Our Friends
The first hour of the movie is kinda boring. I noticed many people are using the bathroom during the first hour. I knew they are bored the same as me, the difference, I didn't stood up but instead I tried to focus on the movie.

As I am trying to focus on what the actors are saying, since sometimes the volume is low, I saw a rat inside the cinema. Yup, a rat! It's about 4 inches long with a long tail. My initial reaction is to get my camera before I thought of screaming. Too bad, it run so fast and I wasn't able to scream. LOL!

The movie became interesting after Bane, Batman's nemesis, took over Gotham City. And I will not go into details so I won't be able to spoil the whole movie for those Cute-rs who haven't watched it. But I got to say this, I love the ending. It's interesting and made me think through...

At the end of the movie, people clapped. It turned out to have a very good ending. Bravo!!!

The photo above was taken outside cinema 3. Satisfied with "The Dark Knight Rises"...


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