Saturday, July 07, 2012

Sims Social: A Lofty Challenge!

Last July 5 Sims Social has once again launched a new quest. And it's called "A Lofty Challenge".

So your Aunt gave you a penthouse in the city. Finish her quest to acquire a helicopter! Yup, you'll be awarded a helicopter and you have 25 days to finish the quest.

The first quest is the "Lofty Aspirations"

Your reward will be unlocked on the 12th of July at GMT +8, 2012.

Here's what you need to do:

Part 1/6:

-Have your free loft

Part 2/6:

-buy either the new sleepburb metroset bed or the sleepburb metrorise bed for your loft
-click the dressing room project in your new loft and complete the first task
-have cleared 5 pieces of garbage from your loft by clicking them and clearing

Part 3/6:

-complete stage 1/4 of the dressing room project
-click sofas 3 times and "search for key" maybe you left it at a sim's house?
-click a sim then "seen my key?"

Part 4/6:

-have 3 beauty (ask friends or harvest roses)
-have 4 soadsuds (fulfill hygiene need)
-complete stage 2/4 of the dressing room project

Part 5/6:

-have 5 glamour (clear newspaper around your penthouse or do skill actions on any keyboard)
-complete any 8-hour career appointment
-complete stage 3/4 of the dressing room project

Part 6/6:

-complete the final phase 4/4 of the dressing room project

For your ColleXion Dressing Room 1/4 Quest, first you need to 'unpack' your dressing room to be able to reveal it.

Finish 4/4 stages of this quest:

Stage 1/4:

Add Mirror: NA
Add Drawers (Right): 1 nail, 1 hammer
Add Drawers (Left): 2 wrenches, 2 muse
Add Small Door: 3 nails, 2 dreams
Add Large Door: 3 love, 3 goodwill

Stage 2/4:

Add Shelves (Right): NA
Add Shelves (Left): 1 fashion magazine, 2 muse
Add Shelf Lighting: 2 glamour, 3 nails
Add Mirror Lights: 1 beauty, 3 fashion magazines, 4 dreams
Add Chair: 2 beauty, 4 relaxation, 4 glamour

Stage 3/4:

Add Skirts: NA
Add Shoe Rack: 3 buttons, 3 fashion magazines, 4 cloth, 3 perfume bottle
Add Shirt: 3 red fabric, 3 perfume bottle, 3 beauty, 3 glamour
Add Accessories: 4 fashion accessories, 5 glamour, 4 buttons, 4 fashion magazines
Add Pants: 4 fashion accessories, 6 perfume bottle, 4 beauty, 6 goodwill

Stage 4/4:

Add Hair Styling: NA
Add Make Up: 2 golden timble, 2 makeup, 4 love, 6 buttons
Add Perfume: 3 golden timble, 3 makeup, 8 perfume bottle, 8 fashion magazines
Add Make Up Box: 4 golden timble, 4 makeup, 6 muse, 4 admiration
Finishing Touch: 6 golden timble, 6 makeup, 4 fashion accessories, 3 hype

I'm currently finishing Lofty Aspirations, so stay tuned Cute-rs for more Sims Social Update.


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