Friday, July 13, 2012

Sims Social: A Lofty Challenge 2!

After finishing up the "Lofty Aspiration" it is time to finish the second quest for "A Lofty Challenge"

Let us now begin the second quest:

Penthouse? Sweet! Quest

Friends and family who come to visit will want a place to sit won't they? Looks like you have a lot to learn about living the high life, sweetheart.

Quest 1/5:

-buy 2 chairs by clicking shop then buying chairs from the living section
-click the kitchen in your loft then complete the first task to start building it
-click 3 chairs and "plump up cushions" for tabitha

Quest 2/5:

-buy 3 plants by clicking shop then buy plants from the decoration or outdoor sections
-complete the first stage of your loft kitchen
-click on 3 tables and counters then "must be cleaner"

Quest 3/5:

-complete the second stage of the loft kitchen project
-click shop then buy any painting
-dust off 4 TVs or radion (tabitha doesn't like dust)

Quest 4/5:

-visit 1 sim and click them then "gossip about someone"
-click on sim's computers then "gather gossip"
complete the third stage of your kitchen project

Quest 5/5:

-complete the final stage of your kitchen project

Unpack the CuisineMuse Master Kitchen first to reveal it.

CuisineMuse Master Kitchen Stage

Stage 1/4:

Add shelves: NA
Add right cupboard doors: 1 nail, 1 solid wood
Add left cupboard doors: 1 hammer, 1 wrench, 1 paint
Add top shelves: 2 solid wood, 1 screw, 2 paintbrush
Add shelves handles: 2 screws, 2 nails, 2 powerdrill

Stage 2/4:

Add fridge shelves: NA
Add fridge doors: 3 hammer, 2 wrench
Add fridge handles: 2 powerdrill, 2 nails, 2 screws
Add oven: 3 steel, 3 screws, 2 charcoal
Add stove: 4 steel, 4 screws, 3 powerdrill

Stage 3/4:

Add extractor hood: NA
Add salt and pepper: 3 spoonful of sugar, 3 muse, 2 water bottle
Add tools: 4 steel, 3 entertainment, 3 solid wood
Add knives: 4 marble, 5 steel, 5 solid wood
Add chopping board: 4 marble. 6 solid wood, 6 screws

Stage 4/4:

Add island: NA
add marble top: 6 marble, 6 steel, 4 screws, 6 powerdrill
Add sink: 7 marble, 7 steel, 7 water, 4 screws
Add chairs: 8 marble, 8 solid wood, 8 cloth, 6 soft pillow
Add bowl of fruit: 10 marble, 10 fruits, 10 apple, 10 mixing bowl

And I still 18 days to go to finish all 3 main quest for 'A Lofty Challenge'.

Until the third one Cute-rs!


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