Friday, July 20, 2012

Shagne's HS Integration at School!

Today my hubby and I went to my daughter's school to watch their Integration.

Shagne participated in their School Integration and I am just so happy for her. I want to share with all of you Cute-rs a video of my daughter's performance...

Sorry Cute-rs my video won't upload, an error keeps popping out! But I promise I'll get it done and will post it here.

I am so proud of my daughter. Many praised her after she performed. *lovely, lovely...

This is Elka and Shagne after the performance...

Elka and Shagne

Shagne together with her classmates.

Here's some added photos, Shagne at the stage.

Proud Mom,

I promise to share Shagne's performance soon...Goodnight Cute-rs!

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