Thursday, July 05, 2012

Quizon family thankful for spending time with their Dad!

While Dolphy is still in the ICU his children are taking turns to take care of him...

After Dolphy has been brought to Makati Medical Clinic because of pneumonia last June 9, he's been holding on to dear life.

Despite all the hardships that the family is experiencing they are still thankful that they continue to be with their patriarch, Comedy King Dolphy.

Dolphy's 16 children are all in Manila and everyone wants to be with their dad and take care of him.

Ronnie Quizon, one of Dolphy's son said, “Funny nga, agawan, madami kasi kami. Even Zsa Zsa said every moment now has to be enjoyed. She said that and I was already thinking that days ago. We are happy,” 

“There were moments when I said my goodbyes to my dad... everyone had closure but my dad is a fighter. Even the doctor said ‘Fighter talaga si Mang Dolphy,” Ronnie on critical days of Dolphy's life.

This time, the nation helped in praying for their dear Dad. “I would tell him ‘The nation is praying for you.’ Actually, just the nation praying for him is already a miracle. Never heard it in my life,”

“Medyo sanay kami – a soldier who is always at war. There is barilan tonight tapos tomorrow wala. You can compare us to soldiers at war. Sanay na kami,”

"Paborito ko when he would recognize me, then I said I love you and he said I love you back. Three words, no volume but I heard it so loud,”

For the time being, the Comedy King, Dolphy is getting better although he is battling his 11th pneumonia. 

And all of Dolphy's battle, Zsa-zsa Padilla never left his side.

Let us all continue to pray Cute-rs, for a great man.


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May he get well soon. Its great that his children are taking care of their father at the stage where he needs them the most. They should enjoy the days together and hope for more to come.