Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Plastic Ordinance!

The City of Las Piñas is enjoying a plastic-free environment since January of this year.

Effective January 1, 2012 non-biodegradable plastic bags and polystyrene foam as food and beverage containers was no longer allowed in Las Piñas City, Alabang and Muntilupa. Being a resident in Las Piñas City I am proud that people and grocery stores are abiding by this new ordinance.

Earlier this afternoon while my hubby and I were in Makati Supermarket Alabang I saw this cute spoon, fork and knife made of bamboo.

They sell bamboo spoon/fork/knife for Php115.00 per 10 pcs. It's pricey but I found it cute and new to the eye. It's not common that we see utensils made of bamboo.

During grocery time it was difficult at first without plastics especially if you bought quite a lot. But after a few months we kinda get used to it. Paper bags and boxes are not bad after all. Also it's environment friendly. By just the look of paper bags on groceries and on fast food take-outs I feel cleaner and organize.


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