Sunday, July 08, 2012

Myrtle Sarrosa is PBB Teen Edition 4 Big Winner -- How Come?

Trending in twitter #HindiKaDeservingMyrtle

The #HindiKaDeservingMyrtle or #YouDon'tDerveItMyrtle is trending in twitter. The first winner in Philippine Television that many hate so much.

It's simple, people don't need to deconstruct nor analyze a person just to like her. It doesn't need a genius to understand how a true person with a kind heart looks like.

Based on what I have watched on PBB Teens 4, Myrtle is not the best teen nor deserves to win. For starters, the reality show aimed to bring out the true identity of their housemates and Myrtle fail in that aspect.

Why? She said so herself. She wear her costume especially when she is sad, she does not want people to see what she really feels --- huh, speaking of being true!

What Joj and Jai are inside Big Brother House is the true meaning of being kind and being true.

In life, we don't need complications. There's no need to be perfect nor think of what people might say about you. We don't impose impressions.

Myrtle always think before she act, why? She don't want people to think ill of her. She wakes up early to put on make-up then go back to bed - why? So her housemates will not see her on her worse! She is planning an impression. - Which is a no no!

In general, people strive to be perfect. But no one reaches the top. Only God is perfect. Yes, I believe that people should think first before they act or say anything. But not to the extent of putting on masks.

In life, people seek for comfort and safety, and I got to ask this, will you ever find comfort and feel safe to the one who never stay true to you? - Huh?! I knew it!

Myrtle is not a confuse teen, in fact, she knows what she wants. And for me, to be kind and true is more important than to be right and perfect or at least aiming to be one. -- this is what human should think of.

I still think Myrtle does not deserve to win. She is not a true Filipino Teen Role Model. If she is to be a role model for the Filipino youth, I will be ashamed!

I am not saying she is the worse housemate or the worse teen, but still it does not change the fact that she does not deserve the title of PBB Teen Edition 4 Big Winner!


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