Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movie Pick: Snow White and the Huntsman

And yes, I watched it because of Kristen/Robert/Rupert ruckus! But No, Robert Pattinson is not part of the movie. Only Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders is the director.

I say, it has the same old Snow White's tale with enhancements. The Prince is not the average prince guy but a huntsman. -- this I don't mind, especially if it's Chris Hemsworth playing the prince-slash-huntsman. As expected, there were 7 dwarves, a poisonous apple and the wicked/witch stepmother that comes with a brother. O well, worth watching after all.

Now the downside, I don't know if I am just used of seeing Kristen at Twilight Saga but I am seeing her acting in "Snow White and the Huntsman" the same. Her expressions are the same and her lame actions are the same. And I got to say the same line, 'she's not that pretty to me'.

All-in-all the movie is more than ok for me. Kristen is not, but oh yeah, Chris Hemsworth even in dirty clothes is still ok. to go Cute-rs, laters!


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