Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movie Pick: Gladiator

We watched Gladiator again...

My daughter, Shagne has an assignment about the movie "Gladiator". That's for their English subject. I can't remember when we watched this film, since this movie was released in it's more than years compute....I forgot the story already! Watching this tonight is like watching it for the first time.

So what can I say about "Gladiator"? It's a great movie, no doubt. And I recommend it to all of your Cute-rs if you haven't watched it yet, it's a must watch! Touchy almost made me cry!

This is our second movie for this day and Yay!...I wonder what's the third movie gonna be?

Btw, While we were watching "Gladiator" we were munching on a home made pizza that I did. The pizza dough is ready, I just put on the pizza sauce, then cut ham, I added some pineapple tidbits then mozzarella on top. Baked it on the oven at 350 degrees F for 10 mins or until the crust turned brown and cheese melts.

And now back to the movie...


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