Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minions of "Despicable Me" will star in their own film!

Good news for all Minions fans and Cute-rs, finally a standalone film just for these cute yellow Minions!

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment are the ones who are planning for the spin-off movie and are giving these cute yellow Minions their own big screen treatment.

No title yet, but they will be introducing new characters as an additional for the original ones from "Despicable Me".

The story will revolve around these little yellow creatures and their interactions with human. Sounds cute...=P

However, they will adjust the release for this film with at least a year apart from the "Despicable Me" sequel which will come out next year July 3, 2013. Then we can assume we can see these little yellow creature sometime in 2014.

Well, anyway at least we'll have more movies lined-up...

Stay sweet Cute-rs!

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