Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mezza Norte is now open in Quezon City

Good news Cute-rs, Mezza Norte is the newest food market located in Quezon City and it's now open!

Mezza Norte is open every Thursdays, Fridays and Starting starting today, July 26, 2012. The food market will be openedfrom 6:00 PM until 3:00 in the morning. There will be more than 40 vendors to choose from that will offer delicious home-cooked foods, pastries and desserts.

Mezza Forte is located at UP-AyalaLand Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Here are some vendors available in Mezza Forte:

1. Edgy's Foodtrip    
Baby back ribs,garlic chicken, roastbeef

2. Dadi's Berd    
Dadi's Berd charcoal-grilled chicken in a special marinade recipe;no sauce needed,unlimited rice,single meal php69,double meal php99,Tea-Mang (unique iced tea mango blend) small php5,large php10

3. PollynWalnut Enterprise    
Barbeque: pork/chicken, buffalo wings, pastries: crincles=red velvet crinkle,carrot cake cupcakes

4. Bracewealth ent.    
Roasted chicken rice meal rotiiserie style cooked, roast liempo rice meal, roasted seed dressing salad, japanese lobsterball noodles

5. Lu Chi Authentic Dimsum House    
Shabu-shabu dimsum

6. Sinangag Trip - Pampangas Special    

7. Maria's Ilocos Empanada    
Special empanada etc.

8. Spare Ribs Delight    

9. Seven Plates    
Tapa negra,nanay's binagoongan, etc.

10. Manila Q    
Bagwang etc.

11. Happy Chef Culinary Concepts    
Rice toppings etc.

12. Carlo's Kitchen    
Baby back ribs,chicken cordon bleu

13. Mexikanto co.    

14. DadsMoms Kitchen & Catering Services    
Different kinds of sisig and more

15. The Juice Bar    
Fresh fruit juices and shakes including iced tea,sagot gulaman

16. Edgys Drinks    
Melon juice,dalandan juice,strawberry iced tea, wintermelon tea, buko pandan juice, pineaple juice, mango juice

17. Yana's Bukolicious    
Buko shake,buko pandan,buko juice, fruit shake (mango,sweet corn, avocado)

18. Tierry Food Services dba Champs Restaurant    
Cheese burger/ace: php160, hamburgers: php135, chicken wings w/ fries: php135

19. Macheesemo Burgers    
Macheesemo classic, macheesemo melt, macheesemo bleu, macheesemo philly

20. Big Bobs Burgers/Ean's Grilled Burgers    
Big bob's burger, big bob's special, big bob's super special, wine and cheese steak, bbq bob

21. Cakes by K    
Chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, sansrival, giateau de crepe, piavlovia, banoffee ple, frozen brazo de mercedes , php60 - php80/slice

22. Edible Options    
Cakes and sausage

23. Gypsy Girl    
Cookies:chocolate chip cookies,oatmeal raisin cookies,lemon ricotta cookies, Bars:brownies, revel bars, Cake:decadent,banana,cheesecake,vanilla bean, cheesecake, blueberry or strawberry, others:macaroons, hot dessert: chocolate chip pudding or apple strudel

24. Mochiko Cafe    
Mochi ice cream

25. Merry Moo    
Ice cream/frozen desserts, milkshakes/waffles

It's food tripping time in Quezon City! Eat the night away Cute-rs...


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