Saturday, July 28, 2012

Man Hides Cash in Oven -- and guess what happened?

...the cash gets cooked!

A Father from Sydney, Australia sold his car for $15,000. He was now sure to have cash for mortgage payment and other bills. He does not want to hide the money in a traditional way like under the mattress or bury it in his backyard instead, he decided to hide it in their oven, which rarely gets used.

Ok, bad move alert!As it turns out, his wife decided to use the oven that day, cooking chicken nuggets for their two children and of course, YES! It cooked the cash!

The unnamed father said, "It was everything I had, I've got nothing to my name. That money was supposed to go towards my mortgage." While the wife can't stop from crying after discovering what happened to the cash.

The man went to the Reserve Bank of Australia for help. According to the Reserve Bank's policy, "if several pieces of the same banknote are presented, the Reserve Bank's policy is for each piece to be worth a share of the value in proportion to its size... The combined value paid should be the face value of the original banknote."

Tsk tsk there some trust issue here? If the man sold his car, I think his wife ought to know. Same with the money, the amount and to where it's gonna be hidden. Not unless, the man does it intentionally.


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