Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liberty Ross' Instagram Post, Is it about Kristen?

Well, I can't blame her...I'll probably do it too...

It seems that Libery Ross, Rupert Sander's wife and Kristen Stewart's mother in "Show White and the Huntsman", is just expressing her feelings through Instagram.

From a user name "libertyross" the photo below was posted on Instagram:

"Not so pretty or so pure afterall ....."
...with a caption "Not so pretty or so pure afterall ....." -- well, I can't say more...

However, it is not yet confirmed if  "libertyross" is the real username of Liberty Ross in Instagram, and according to her last tweet yesterday she only said, "Wow".

I will not judge Liberty nor be mad at her if she is the one who posted the photo in Instagram. I think she has the right to do so. She was cheated upon after all...


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