Monday, July 30, 2012

Horrifying Video Game: Slender Man

It  aims to scare you for free...

Slender is a new video game that goes viral. Slender is a free indie-developed psychological horror/survival horror video game released in June 2012 for PC and Mac.

The game will begin with the player controlling an unidentified character. The player views the game in first-person through a handheld camera that the player is holding. All you got is a flashlight, which you need to conserve the battery for it runs out eventually.

Your goal is to find a total of eight notes hidden throughout the woods, each has different landmarks. The notes will show different messages concerning the Slender Man.

The Slender Man is an entity that follows you through the game. Your mission is to complete the eight notes before the Slender Man gets you.

There are different landmarks scattered throughout the woods which including vehicles, buildings, a giant tree, huge rocks, wooden walls, stone pillars, a tunnel, and old fuel tanks. With all these you can mark the area so you won't get lost -- well, hopefully you won't.

This is one of the newest video game that my hubby loves to play and my daughter loves to watch. It's shocking and scary at the same time. Plus the music it scares the hell out of me. ~creepy!


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