Friday, July 06, 2012

Highway sinks in Manitoba!

To all my friends and Cute-rs in Manitoba, Canada be careful!

This happened last June 30 due to heavy rain which causes the ground to collapse.

And according to officials, it can get worse! It's a sinkhole that about 200 meters wide and more than 5 meters deep.

This huge crater occurred at Highway 83 between Roblin and Asessippi Provincial Park in Canada. It will take a while to identify the magnitude of the slide.

For the time being, the highway will remain close, but officials can't say for how long. A detour for local residents has been opened too.

In times like this officials warned people to be vigilant. Let us all pray that this will not happen again and that they get to fix it soon.

Stay safe all my dear Canadian Cute-rs!


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