Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Grimm's" Season 2 Villain Revealed!

Nick will be facing this...

On August 15, 2012 it will mark the return of "Grimm" Second Season at 8:00 PM. Nick's first villain to face is Mauvais Dentes. He is the next on our Grimm's list to eliminate with a saber teeth and a vicious look like that, I'm he's strong and will be difficult to defeat.

This new villain will be Nick's greatest foe in "Grimm's" Season 2 thus, episode will be a lot more thrilling. Executive Producer of "Grimm" described the new villain as "He's the worst thing that's ever come; he can kill a whole village, and he acts like a cat, so he likes to rope you in and play with you a little bit and observe you. He'll never be predictable."

Here' a clip from "Grimm" Season 2, take a look:

And I just can't wait...


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