Sunday, July 01, 2012

First time to Cha with Chatime!

I never thought Milk Tea will explode this big! And it's been trending in Manila...

So I was not a fan of Milk Tea but yeah I drink tea occasionally. My favorite, mint flavored tea.

My daughter and I have been reading tweets and in Instagram posting pictures about Milk Tea. It seems that many are addictive to this new hype Tea!

Well, like they say, sometimes you got to try to know. Ok, so my daughter and I bought Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime in SM Mall of Asia yesterday.

There's a lot of flavors and varieties to choose from, so I let my baby pick. And she said, let us try Milk Tea. So I chose the basic. With normal sugar and ice!

Pearl Milk Tea

It's basically a Tea with a twist. A tea combined with a lot of flavors.

You can add extra toppings, which include:
Pearl, Grass Jelly, Pudding for P15, and Coconut Jelly, Rainbow Jelly, Red Bean, Aloe Vera for P20.

You can have the following ice options:
0% No Ice, 70%  Less Ice, 100% Normal Ice, and 110% Extra Ice.

Lastly, you can specify your sugar options:
0% Sugar, 30% Sugar, 50% Sugar, 80% Sugar, 100% Normal Sugar, 110% Extra Sugar.

My daughter and I enjoyed our first try Milk Tea in Chatime. It's not the super tasty-drink in the whole world but it became one of the best because I get to enjoy it with my loved ones.

...will soon try other Milk Tea available in the market!


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