Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dolphy's favorite restaurant to name a dessert after him!

It will be named...“Chocolate a la mode a la Dolphy.”

This dessert is Dolphy's favorite and Hizon's is his favorite restaurant in Manila. Milagros Hizon-Roasa, owner of Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries wants to honor Dolphy so she thought of changing the name of Dolphy's favorite dessert.

Dolphy is a frequent visitor at Hizon's Restaurant and for many years he eats lengua, turkey, hamburger steak or ensaymada with hot chocolate. Even some important events in Dolphy's life happened at Hizon's. One example was when he had Nicole, his adopted daughter, for the first time.

Mrs. Hizon-Roasa described Dolphy as a man who loves to eat. Whenever he eats at Hizon's there's like magic following him. Aside from dining-in, Dolphy loves to take-out food that he brings to friends and co-workers.

Milagros Hizon-Roasa is Vandolph's god mother.

Aside from Hizons, Dolphy also has a favorite Chines Restaurant. Located in Binondo, the President Grand Palace, where Dolphy was also a frequent visitor.

President Grand Palace owner, Josephine Ying Ying Shiu, described Dolphy as a simple and warm man.


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