Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dolphy in the eyes of his daugthers...

For Dolphy his daughters are the apple of his eye ♥

Dolphy's passing is never easy to his family. Especially to his 5 lovely daughters. Dolphy has 3 daughters, each from a different set of mothers, while the other 2 is with long-time partner Zsa-zsa Padilla. Last night, I get the chance to know Dolphy a little bit more, this time in the eyes of his daughters.

The first one interviewed was Salud "Sahlee" Quizon, the eldest among the 5 girls.

Sahlee admits that she is still single because she hasn't found a man like her father. She said, "Siguro kaya din ako malas sa love life kasi naghahanap ako ng kapareho niya pero wala talaga akong mahanap,"

Sahlee on her dad, "Umuuwi siya sa bahay tinuruan niya akong sumayaw, magpapatugtug siya, music lover talaga siya. 'Yun ang hindi ko makalimutan kaya 'yung kantang 'Dance With My Father Again' maganda,". She said, being the eldest daughter she felt her father's love for her.

According to Dolphy, he gave Sahlee a chance to be wealthy but it didn't worked out. BUT they are OK.

For Mariquita "Kit" Quizon, it was not easy to be Dolphy's daughter.

After Kit finished College, she had a difficult time landing a job. Often she was told, "you don't need to apply here, you can just ask your dad to find you a job". That's when she thought of leaving for the States. Although his father did not approved and said,  "You won't make it there, mahirap ang buhay doon.". But still she left and told her dad, "I'll prove it to you.".

When Kit moved to United States in 1984 she was only 22 years old. She now works as a dialysis technician in the US. -- that's when she was told by her dad, "I'm proud of you. I'm proud of what you accomplished". 

Dolphy expressed her admiration for his daughter Kit, "Ay! Proud ako sa anak kong ito. I like her confidence. Agad na nakikita 'yon sa kanya. ... I love her. She is a survivor. She is admirable,"

As for Madonna "Danna" Quizon, her father does not play favorite among his children.

Danna said that her dad always have a soft spot for his daughters. He didn't want to see his daughters cry or to experience hardships.

One story she told during the interview, "My brothers were like asking him, 'Dad, do you feel pain, may masakit ba?' Tumatango siya sa brothers ko. Two minutes I arrived. Sabi ko, 'Dad. may masakit ba, do you feel pain?' 'Yung movement ng head niya 'no.' Biglang hindi. Sabi ni Epi, 'Dad, kakasabi mo lang masakit ngayon si Donna lang ang nagtanong sa iyo biglang walang masakit,'" 

Danna explained that his dad was like that even if he was confined in the ICU. Even at a critical stage, he still think of his daughters.

Nicole Quizon, adopted, felt the same love they all have.

Nicole being adopted she said, "They explained it to me naman in a way na parang 'you were a gift the same way everyone wants, it was just the different method of delivery.' So I guess it was enlightening in that way na,".

"I'm not gonna say I didn't have trouble with kids in school teasing me for it but I wasn't treated any different from anybody else. Like nagagalit sila (her other siblings), protective din because none of us are like from traditional family -- everyone was born out of wedlock and one was adopted. So all of us are strong in that way that we know we are born under tricky circumstances," 

Dolphy loved her so much just like the rest of his children. "Si Nicole, dinala sa akin sa Hizon's, at ang gusto raw ng nanay, sa akin mapunta. She was a few months old. 'Ang ganda-ganda naman ng batang ito,' 'kako. Niyakap niya ako agad. Na-touch ako," 

Nicole is currently living in Australia where she finished a degree in antropology and linguistics and she still plans to stay there, get a job while she pays for her post-graduate studies.

Zia Padilla is the youngest among Dolphy's children.

19 years of age and currently following her sister, Karylle and mom, Zsa-zsa's path to becoming a celebrity.

Dolphy, explained why he is closer to his daughters, he said, "Ang siste, tag-isang babae lang sa bawat 'set-up.' Nagseselos ang mga lalaki kasi raw mas mabait ako sa mga girls. Pero ang totoo, sa mga babae lang din ako nakakakuha nang mas matinding karinyo, 'yon bang yayakapin ka at lalambingin. Masarap 'yon, e. Pang-alis pagod,"

"Sasabihin na naman mas spoiled ang babae. Ang mga anak na lalaki kasi, 'pag medyo malaki na, naghahanap na ng gimmick. Ang babae, kahit ano'ng edad pa siya -- yayakapin ka, kakandong, mangangarinyo. Hindi rin totoong mas lamang ang regalo ng babae sa lalaki. As much as possible, pantay-pantay 'yan," 

Personally, I'm a daddy's girl. I call him Tatay and he is in heaven now. During times like this I still think of him. I still wish he's still here...

What could a child be without her Tatay?


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