Sunday, July 29, 2012

Did Gerald Anderson stop courting Sarah Geronimo?

Last Sunday Gerard Anderson guested at Sarah's show in "Sarah G Live!"

There has been rumors going on that Gerald stop pursuing Sarah because of Mommy Divine (Sarah's mom). Gerard said, “I am ready, but I think your not, your mom doesn’t like me.”

Gerard admitted that he started courting Sarah last February. He went to Sarah's house to fulfill the wish her parents. But last Sunday, Gerard said goodbye to Sarah. According to a source Sarah cried a lot after the show.

Tonight, on "Sarah G Live", I watched her interview with her parents. It was not said bluntly but if you read between the lines, Mommy Divine clearly express her thoughts of Sarah not having a boyfriend at the moment. For her, the right guy hasn't come yet.

I can feel Sarah's pain, she is hurting!

For me, having a boyfriend is not bad. Sarah, 24 years old, has the right to experience love and pain. To experience love and be loved is the most wonderful feeling anyone can feel. And to experience pain is part of life. And in life in order to be strong we need to go through a lot of different experiences and situations.

Sure mother's knows best, but as a mother, we must learn that we don't own our children. They are given to us by God, to take care and to cherish. But we must let them grow, let them experience life on their own! God has given us ample time to own them, to mold them, and give them words to ponder. Then, we let go but they should know that we are always there to protect them anytime.

I pity Sarah, I think she is not experiencing life in full.



Beyond Ordinary said...
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Beyond Ordinary said...

i wasnt able to watch that certain episode but reading through you blog,it sure is painful for sarah.

ShawCute said...

yeah, and I pity Sarah. She deserve to be happy. :(