Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Last night and this morning we experienced brownout! And this is what we do to kill time...☺

Since we've got nothing to do my hubby and daughter thought of playing the guitar and sing. Both of them knows how to play the piano and guitar. They sing well too. As for me, well I'm not really gifted when it comes to singing. Although I can play a little piano and I can dance a bit too. And oh ~ my daughter can dance too. ♥

The video above is dark as it is because of the brownout in our street. It was recorded last night. I'm concerned with their music though ッ.

 I hope you Cute-rs enjoyed my family's simple and short song...

By the way, the brownout was caused of the heavy rain yesterday. But it was fixed early this morning so we expect no more brownout.

Stay happy and sweet Cute-rs!


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