Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birthday Blog Ü

Today I turned 35 ღ

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday differently. For the previous years I had the same pattern to celebrate my birthday. The usual, cooking foods at home, inviting friends and family, singing at videoke, dancing on X-box, playing, eating, laughing and catching up with them.

At the end of the day I'm exhausted but happy.

For this year I choose to lie-low. Since I woke this morning I started working on my computer, had a few chat with family and relative. -- oh yeah, I invited my Tita Edith and her 2 children (my cousins) Gjorg and Jam to stay for the weekend.

What I had for lunch, my favorite "Pakisw na Bangus" and "Ensaladang Labanos". For snack, my aunt cooked something for the whole family to share and enjoy. And for dinner...well, I ask my aunt to cook "Chicken Caldereta"

The photo above is included in my album which I named "Birthday Snack". It was taken earlier today around 1:30 AM at McDonalds. Here's the rest of the photos:

My hubby just thought of grabbing a snack before going to bed. I got thrilled because I have a new Coca Cola Glass color 'blue' (I already collected pink and aqua).

Today my peg would be to have a "!".

Hmmm...I am enjoying my quiet day, working on my computer, blog hopping, blogging, answering to greetings on my Facebook page, replying to text messages, watching TV, chatting with family and relatives, eating simple foods while wearing my over-sized shirt and shorts. LOL!

When my baby arrived this afternoon from her practice from school she brought me a food she bought from Mini Stop. Awww...she never fails to give me something every time there's an occasion.

My daughter will sing with a band on their school this coming Friday so these past few days they are rehearsing their 2 songs. It's been a while that my daughter Shagne is thinking  for their band name and today when she came from school she is happy to announce that they already got a name.

It's "Beatitudo Imperfecta", it's a Latin Word meaning "Imperfect, Perfect Happiness". -- not bad for a high school band name. Sounds unique too.

To continue with my quiet birthday reflection, a friend of mine, owner of Tanaw started prying me about a birthday blog. Wait, let's make that ...a GORGEOUS friend of mine...Hey Joyce I hope you read this, this one is for you! Now where am I...oh yeah...Joyce started prying me about a birthday blog since my first entry for the day is about the death of Sylvester Stallone's son. -- I know it's not an appropriate entry for a birthday!

So why is that? I'm still looking for my drive. I don't know what to share with you Cute-rs about my natal day as  I chose to be discrete.

As I end my entry on this special day of mine I want to share with all of you Cute-rs a special gift. -- it's my family.

I am not asking for more, just my family.

Thank you Cute-rs for reading my long entry on this day. Spread the love...



I've been meaning to write an entry regarding a story of a girl who experienced both heaven and hell. Will update you Cute-rs soon...


joiz said...

I relished the moment reading it!!! Waha! Ain't being GEORGEOUS grand?! (FOr those clueless about the GEORGEOUS thing, its being Curious George but in a Cut-er kinda' way.) Beautiful birthday blog by the way. Great that you enjoyed your day!

ShawCute said...

Hahaha...thank you Joyce!