Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Be Careful With my Heart" Tops Daytime Shows!

...and Jodi Sta. Maria thank all her supporters!

“Be Careful With My Heart”  is a comedy series in ABS-CBN which started last week. For their first week they quickly captured many televiewer's heart. -- including mine!

The story is funny, entertaining and very light. It has also a very cute love story. I like Jodi's character which is kind and very optimistic. Richard Yap's character on the other hand is reserved and snobbish. How the two will fall in love is what I really want to see.

Maya, Jodi's character, is somewhat ideal. Despite the hardships in life that she is experiencing she never quits. She always have something to smile about. And for her, she is determine to reach her goal.

I never thought that I will like “Be Careful With My Heart” but I did! So I'm a fan now! LOL

“Be Careful With My Heart” is showing Mondays-Fridays at 10:15 AM before "It's Showtime" at ABS-CBN Prime Tanghali.

So don't forget to watch “Be Careful With My Heart” Cute-rs if you want to smile ☺


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