Saturday, July 14, 2012

Angelica Zambrano's Experience

She died for 23 hours to join Jesus in Heaven and Hell...

Caution: This entry might cause permanent or temporary disturbance in your faith. This issue will talk about Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, Faith, Forgiveness, Repentance and alike.

You have the option to believe it or not. But if you think that this entry will wave your faith in the Lord I suggest that you may not continue. However, my purpose on making an entry on this story about Angelica Zambrano is just to remind all of you about our obligation to the Lord.

As I read her story I felt mixed emotions. I don't want to miss interpret her story so I choose to give it you as it is. For the complete story please follow this site.

Please watch below:

Angelica Zambrano, an Ecuadorian teenage girl, claims that she was dead for 23 hours. During those 23 hours she claimed that Jesus showed her Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons.

My stand, forgive, repent, ask for forgiveness and praise and pray only to ONE GOD alone. Only God the Father can save us all. And one day, Jesus will come back and will lead us who are worth it to the kingdom of heaven.

Personally, I do believe in Heaven, in Hell, in Angels and in Demons. For me there is only one God. But I never forget about Jesus and Mama Mary.

I am not encouraging a debate I am just expressing my opinion. And I only want to share this story which I learned today so this may serve as a reminder and I do hope that this will impact you on the positive side.

As I mentioned above, I felt mixed emotions. There's fear, anger, overwhelmed, sadness and joy.

I fear for hell, overwhelmed over heaven, sadness of Jesus' tears and joy with the hope of one day we will all be reunited in heaven.

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