Sunday, July 01, 2012

"The Amazing Spider-Man" Experience

Yesterday, my family and I had an amazing experience with Spider-Man!

To begin with, I would like to thank Ms. Alelie Cruz and Gordon Ting for arranging "The Amazing Spider-Man" for us in Mall of Asia Digital Theather 3, 3D.

We arrived at Mall of Asia before 12 noon, we are in such a rush since we are scheduled to watch the 1:00 PM screening. Acquiring the ticket is easy, then we bough food to be brought inside Cinema 3.

SM Mall of Asia is also giving away free posters for movie goers who will buy their tickets before 2:00 PM. So we got 3 of these:

Upon entering the cinema, they are giving away a small coupon.

It's from Chowking, for every purchase of Chow Pao, Sausage and Coca-cola, you'll get a Free Halo-halo Fun Size.

...and about the "The Amazing Spider-Man", Sony-Columbia Pictures has changed a lot about the movie. My hubby who is a fan is so sure about it. My verdict, I like it!

Peter Parker became Spider-Man when he is still in school and he is a brilliant student. As a Spider-Man he is jolly and noisy. He was bitten by a spider from a laboratory, where a friend of his father was working. From that bite, he acquire his power.

The beginning is not simple, he has to revenge the death of his Uncle Ben until he learned to help people who are in danger.

All-in-all I did enjoyed the movie. It's worth watching in Cinema. At the end it is clearly revealed that there will be a Part 2, which is coming out in 2014.

This is us, with all smiles after the movie. By the time we went inside the cinema, people are not that many but when we came out, people just keeps pouring in. Good thing we watch the 1PM screening.

That's Spider-Man hanging in the ceiling...=P

Krispy Kreme also has a donut to offer for all "The Amazing Spider-Man" fans...

It was another great day for me, my lovely daughter and my hubby. The movie is 2 hours and 16 minutes long and it's all worth every minute of it.

After the movie we walked around Mall of Asia while having fun... As we walked by the cinemas again at 10:00 PM, people are still in-line waiting to watch "The Amazing Spider-Man" which is available in all cinemas....

The last full show was at 11:30 PM. This way people will get to choose in which cinema and in which time they want to watch.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is another movie that I recommend for all of you Cute-rs out there. You will not regret watching it, it will be fun and entertaining, promise!


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