Saturday, July 14, 2012

4-D Movies: Coming Very Soon!

Will it be 3-D out and 4-D in?

Let us all begin with the basic:

What is a 4-D movie?

"It refers to physical effects that are coordinated with the images on the screen that involve your other senses, It is things like moving seats during a chase scene, the smell of gun powder when there is an explosion on the screen and during a spooky foggy scene you are surrounded by real fog."

In South Korea, Mexico and Thailand, they are all using 4-D theaters and in the next five years they are planning to bring 200 4-D theaters in the U.S. and soon all over the world.

I'm sure many moviegoers will be thrilled for the coming of 4-D theaters and it will be so much fun to experience a new approach to watching movies like you're in it!

~oh can't wait!

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