Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TV Pick: True Blood S05 E01-02, Teen Wolf S02 E02-04, Falling Skies S02 E01

Too many T.V. series...

For the past days I watched many T.V. series...

To begin with, "True Blood" is back on it's Fifth Season. I have watched Episodes 1 & 2. So Tara died in the last season. For this season she became a vampire. The twist, she blew her brains out when she died and now that she is a vampire, it greatly affected her. On what extent, that I will find out.

Eric and Bill was capture, it seems that the people who kidnapped them are some sort of a 'Vampire Council'. It is not yet confirmed if they will let Eric and Bill go or what else do they want.

Another returnee..."Teen Wolf" now on it's Second Season. Of course, after the success of the first season they are back with a new Alpha. I watched Episodes 2-4. Scott's getting better in being a Wolf. Then this season they have introduced a new villain. ~I think I have an idea on who is their enemy...

And just this noon, my hubby and I watched "Falling Skies" Season 2 pilot episode.

Tom Mason just had a one-on-one with the Alien after he was held captured for 3 months. Their battle with the aliens are still on and getting heavier. Will they win this fight? That's what we are going to find out.

Watching is one of hobby. I do it while working, I do it while blogging, I do it while doing many things...it's interesting, it's entertaining, it keeps the mind moving and it's knowledgeable.~hmmmm talking about multitasking!

Aside from watching a lot of movies and T.V. series, I also love to read, a lot. It maybe books, articles, news and events.

So why am I saying this? I just remembered a relative who has signs of alzheimer's. One way to keep our brain healthy is by using it as frequent as possible. That way, it keeps the brain healthy.

I salute her husband for taking care of my relative who has this symptoms. He told me that everyday they would play Mahjong or any board game that will make her busy. He said, that way her brain will be exercised. It's her birthday yesterday and I am hoping that the symptoms won't get worst.

Anyway, thanks for reading Cute-rs, 'till next time...


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