Sunday, June 10, 2012

TV Pick: Grimm Season 1 Episodes 14 - 22

I'm almost done watching "Grimm" Season 1 and it's been exciting...

"Grimm" has resemblance with "Supernatural". There are a lot of monsters. It has witches, spells, potions, special weapons and a like. Well, minus the humor.

The last episode is a bomb! First Nick already told his girlfriend of many years about his secret, about him being a Grimm and what kind of things he is dealing with. Also,  Juliette is in danger after having a cat scratch, whose owner is a witch. Nick blurting out his biggest secret is a goner. I can't say if Juliette will accept him.

Hank, on the other hand, Nick's partner is having a difficult time processing what he saw. In episode 21, he witness how a monster-sort change into a man. And so thinking all that is really difficult for him to muster.

Nick also had an encounter with the man he thinks killed his parents. At the end of the brawl, he saw his mother. -- I thought they were dead?!

Season 2 is not too long to wait -- thank God! Why? I started Grimm just about 3 months ago that's why.

Season 2 will resume August 2012!

that I will look forward to...

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