Friday, June 01, 2012

TV Pick: Awake Season 1 Episodes 2-5

Since last night I was hooked on "Awake"

This T.V. Series is really confusing. One family had an accident. When the father wakes up, he suffers the lost of his son. But the next day when he wakes up again, his son is alive but he then lost his wife. So what is what?

Like the caption said, two dreams, one reality. Michael is living two different lives with two different people in them. Which one is real?

I knew there is something wrong here and I would really like to find out.

Awake Episode 2: The Little Guy

A witness in the murder of a homeless man tells Britten and his rookie partner, Vega that a "little guy" was spotted at the scene of the crime. When that clue crosses over into the case Britten is working on in his other reality, Bird is confused by his partner's sudden interest in the height of the suspects they are investigating. Meanwhile, Tricia Harper (Laura Innes), Britten's captain shows growing concern over his behavior. 

Awake Episode 3: Guilty

Rex is kidnapped by John Cooper (Clifton Powell), an escaped convict that Michael arrested 10 years ago; an investigation in Michael's other reality gets in the way of an event honoring his deceased son; clues from both realities lead to Michael's sanity being questioned. Michael's old retired partner Jim Mayhew (William Russ) is call in to help with the case, until Michael learns why he is really involved again. 

Awake Episode 4: Kate Is Enough

While investigating an alleged suicide during an upscale yacht party with Detective Vega, Detective Britten runs into Rex's former babysitter Kate (Brianna Brown). Later, in a case Britten is investigating with Bird, Kate appears again, this time as a suspect. Dr. Lee and Dr. Evans try to help him make sense of his run in with these two very different versions of the same woman.

Awake Episode 5: Oregon

Detective Britten suddenly becomes a suspect in his own case when an FBI agent, Santoro (Megan Dodds), questions his methods of tracking down a serial killer thought to be dead. Meanwhile, in the wake of her son's death, Hannah is finding comfort in exploring the possibility of moving to Oregon and going back to school. The serial killer, Gemini contacts Britten at the end of the episode. 

now to continue...


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